Welcome to helpwithbenefits.com , the website of Chambers Benefits Consulting and Jacques Chambers, Benefits Consultant and Counselor.

Jacques (pronounced zhak and rhymes with “doc”, like Jacques Cousteau) has spent the last ten years helping people dealing with disabilities understand and access their benefits. Prior to that he spent twenty-five years in the insurance industry, designing, selling, and servicing employee benefits programs. See Bio for a complete list of Jacques’ experience and achievements.

In the Site Goals, Jacques tells you why he established this site and what he hopes it will accomplish for you. Whether your issue is with disability insurance, health insurance, life insurance, or Social Security Disability (SSDI) he has tried to include helpful information for you.

There are many websites that recite the rules and list every little detail ofinsurance contracts and benefits programs. Helpwithbenefits.com focuses on practical information, information you should have to access benefits programs in the real world, the “How to…?”, “Be aware that…” and “Watch out for….” type of information that Jacques has gathered from helping hundreds of people with their benefits issues.

Archives is a collection of articles that Jacques has written on Social Security, disability insurance and other benefits issues.

Assemble your own customized:
HelpWithBenefits Disability Guidebook

You choose only the chapters you need. Do you want to apply for Social Security? Do you understand your Long Term Disability coverage? Do you need to appeal the termination of your disability benefits? Assemble the book that you need for your benefits issues.

Testimonials gives comments about Jacques’ skills and experience from past clients as well as other professionals Jacques has worked with.

Contact Me gives information on how to contact Jacques directly for his assistance with your own benefits questions and problems.

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